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What did we do to deserve dogs? Immortalise your fur best friends' toe beans in ceramic glaze. Much better than mud!

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How it all works!

At Sophie's Ceramics we adore all fury friends! Duggie, Sophie's golden retriever is a customer favourite when he pops in to say hello. We think it is so important to cherish memories and a beautiful way of capturing your love for your four legged friend is by painting their paw! 

Our team are on hand to create the best paw prints ever, book a table via our reservation system and let us know you are bringing in your fury friend. If your dog is particularly nervous call a member of the team on 01258 268485 and we can advise of our quiter time or we can help put together a take home package so you can create your masterpiece at home. 

We paint your dogs paw using non toxic and quick drying paint, a member of the team will be on hand to paint the paw while you hold or stroke your pup! It is done within a couple of minutes and causes no discomfort at all. 

There are over 25 colours and 50 pottery pieces to choose from. You can either stay and decorate your piece, dogs are always welcome at Sophie's Ceramics or you can return by yourself to finish your piece at a later date. 

Alternatively a member of the team can bring your piece to life, if you are looking for personalisation please do talk to a member of the team who will be able to assist you further or email Sophie at


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