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Give the gift of lasting memories, with baby hand and foot prints on your ceramic pieces.

Baby Hand and Foot Prints 

We take pride in making memories, and we don't take for granted how special it is that we get to help take a snapshot of this lovely moment in your little one's life. We have over 50 different pottery pieces and 27 colours to choose from so that you can create a unique piece to cherish. Top tip: they make fabulous gifts for grandparents who you find difficult to buy pressies for! 

How to book

Our fantastic team is on hand to help you create fabulous prints, and we've worked with babies as young as two weeks old, all the way to adults! Just book a table, and let us know you would like to do hand prints in the notes. If you could also include whether you're looking to do lots of pieces, or you think your child might be a bit nervous, we can ensure we do everything we can to make it a lovely experience for them.

The process

We paint your child's hand or foot with non-toxic, quick-drying paint while you hold them and keep them occupied. It's usually done within a few minutes, smiles all round! That said, if you're looking for newborn handprints, they do that oh-so-adorable little hand scrunch, which is super cute but not great for taking hand prints, so if your child is younger than 4 months, we recommend booking with Sophie directly by dropping her an email.

Decorating your pottery

You can either stay and decorate your piece, return to finish it at a later date, or we offer a personalisation service, where we can paint any wording you'd like for you. This is £5 for a short phrase, or £10 for longer text.

Takeaway packages

We don't want anyone to miss out on the experience, but if you can't get to us for any reason - maybe your baby is super tiny, you're recovering, or you simply don't feel like being out in public yet, we offer take away packages so you can get the print in the comfort of your own home, then bring the piece back to us so we can fire it.

  1. Choose the piece(s) you'd like prints on. 

  2. Choose up to three colours

  3. We'll wrap up your pieces, three paints, a paintbrush, a sponge and a palette, then we'll talk you through some tips to get the best prints.

  4. Once you bring the pieces back with lovely prints on them, we'll fire and let you know when they're ready for collection as normal.


What our customers think

Chloe Williams

We had the best time this weekend at sophie's pottery painting cafe! We took our 10month old to make some hand/foot prints for Christmas. When we arrived the staff were super friendly and accommodating with out little one, especially Jeff keeping her entertained! When it came down to the paining Sophie was fab at helping us create the special prints we will cherish for years to come!! We had such a positive and fantastic experience we would highly recommend! Also yummy treats too!!

We cannot wait to see the final results 😊

Thankyou we will be back!!


So today we as first time parents had the bestest experience ever!!! Sophie dedicated a full hour of her time to support us making our family Christmas gifts with our 15day old daughter!! She was sooo kind, gentle and loving towards us all! We felt so at home being in her company.

Even my partner who I thought wouldn’t enjoy it said he had a great time!!! We’re super pleased with our purchases and will definitely be revisiting. This is a brilliant business that Blandford needs! I’d highly recommend to anyone whatever age, our daughter truly enjoyed it like us too!! Thankyou so so much Sophie!


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