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My Story and how Sophie's Ceramics was born! 

Sophie Perks Sophie's Ceramics 8 Barnack Walk DT117AL
Sophie Perks Sophie's Ceramics 8 Barnack Walk DT117AL
Sophie Perks Sophie's Ceramics 8 Barnack Walk DT117AL



My name is Sophie, and I am the founder of Sophie's Ceramics Pottery Cafe. After years of career uncertainty and the hit of a Global Pandemic I was looking for more, I wasn't too sure on what it was but I knew it was a change.


I believe the majority of people have come to the sudden realization that life is too short, that we don't have years to make the change. In my most recent role, I worked in a school, one of the most important lessons that I learnt was that if you wait for the right moment it will never come along, whether that is waiting to be more financially stable, waiting to move or even waiting for summer to come around. With this sudden realization as well as meeting my partner and making my move to Blandford Forum I realized that I had to take the leap, I wasn't too sure what the leap was, believe me, I definitely didn't think I would have the courage to take this risk, but I knew it was something big. 


Pottery painting was and still is my favorite pastime, a core memory of mine is sitting around the table with my whole family on holiday and spending hours painting, laughing, and having fun! It became a yearly tradition, we collected a myriad of pottery over the years that soon became fond memorabilia. For me Pottery Painting is something for everyone to do, no matter your age or artistic ability I genuinely believe that anyone can enjoy themselves. 

I wouldn't describe myself as overly artistic, growing up, I excelled in essay-based subjects, English, Religious Studies, and History however I always enjoyed painting. Life can be stressful at times and all too serious but I felt coloring and painting took me away from this and allowed me to have a break, I soon realized that lots of people also felt like this. After moving to Blandford in 2021 my love of pottery painting took a hold and life got busy. One Sunday afternoon, in the pub, I was talking to my dad about my 5 year plan (as you do!) I wasn't too sure where I was going and there was evidently a gap in my career plan.  I mentioned that I would love to open a pottery painting café in Blandford, I have been so fond of these places for years and felt that I was missing the warm, welcoming and creative space. Ideas were flowing and it soon became a promising plan, I wanted to focus on a space for all ages and all abilities, that allowed people to relax.


After so much support, help and dedication from my family, an idea quickly became a reality and before I knew it I was signing the lease on my first shop, buying all my paints and building a creative and safe space for everyone. It hasn't been without it's challenges but here we are over a year later, nearly ready to open a new shop in Shaftesbury! 

I look forward to welcoming you and I hope you can experience the same feeling I do when I walk through the doors of Sophie's Ceramics. 

Best wishes,

Sophie and the Team x 

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